Let the rambling begin

Welcome to the blog! Glad you stopped by. There are certain things most folks address in a first post. You might be thinking… What’s this blog all about? Why even have a blog? Why don’t you post this stuff on Facebook like the rest of the human race? Wait, are you a member of the human race or one of those bots on the web I hear so much about? You call yourself a writer, yet in post 1,492 I found a spelling error, and then in post 793 I found the wrong verb tense used twice. Are you a real writer?

To answer the questions currently only I am asking in my head, this blog is all about whatever I am interested in! It’s about theology because I follow Jesus, enjoy studying theology, and am currently in seminary pursuing a MA in Theological Studies. It’s about technology because I am a geek. I take stuff apart, I tinker with gadgets, I overclock that which can be overclocked, I played with developing for iOS and Android at one point, and the list goes on and on, but you get the point, I’m a geek at heart. It’s about writing because my dream is to write books. I’ll hopefully be blogging about a major writing project I’m restarting. More on the book later. I have a blog for a few reasons. Writing is theraputic for me. Writers need to do a few things, two of them being read (a lot) and be one who is constantly writing. It helps. I don’t post this stuff on Facebook mostly because I can’t stand using Facebook. Shocker, I know. I do, however, tweet. I’m human. That also accounts for the spelling and grammatical errors. Remember, this is a web log, not a finished book which has withstood editing, rewrites,¬†scrutiny, and sits nicely in the library. This is a rambling.

So, without further delay, let the rambling commence!